Innovation Plan

As part of my coursework in Disruptive Innovation in Education at Lamar University, I designed an Innovation Plan that would improve teaching and learning outcomes in my content area by integrating technology into my organization's instructional practice. This innovative practice is disruptive because it is being initiated by a small group focused on improving student outcomes in our specific content area, but could serve as model that will influence the larger institution at all levels.

The first stage of the process was to create an argument for change, i.e. a proposal that would discuss the issues observed in educational institutions and a plan to address them. My issue was the lack of return from technology upgrades, such as 1:1 device plans, and I proposed new practices in curriculum and professional development.

Next, I researched literature to find research and reports that helped me identify patterns and trends that will reveal which innovations are truly disruptive. I compiled a literature review, titled 'Technology Integration and Institutional Readiness' that supported my innovation plan and shared what I learned with my colleagues and community.

Literature Review

I then produced this graphic to illustrate my innovation plan outline and how to implement it. I included the timeline, the tasks undertaken in each step, the parties involved, the desired outcomes, and a means of assessing them.

To convey my message to others in my organization, I created a digital story that would serve as a call to action. My goal is to encourage, motivate, and inspire others in my organization who may not be quite ready to take a leap of faith with practices of disruptive innovation.

I referred to various resources for information and inspiration while I devised this innovation plan; they are listed below. I hope this helps reader the reader take advantage of all the opportunities offered by educational technology.