Influencer Strategy

One of my projects in Leading Organizational Change at Lamar University was to create an influencer strategy, using ideas from the book Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. My goal is to use this strategy to help implement the innovation plan that I am developing to bring about change in my organization.

In the first part of the influencer strategy, I determined my clear and compelling goal, keeping in mind that it had to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). I chose to focus on the EDUC 1300 course offered at HCC, as it is a required core course offered to a wide range of students. This course will provide a large sample to work with in terms of the measurements I will use to track the progress of the strategy and plan implementation. I will be able to compare outcomes year-to-year and even allow for a control group (instructors who participate in the innovation plan vs. those who do not). I also identified vital behaviors that I feel would be crucial to achieving the results I desire, and the organizational influencers who need to be involved in the efforts. These influencers are administrators in the online college and distance education as well as the staff that manage and support the LMS and its users.

My second task in developing an influencer strategy is to describe how the six sources of influences will shape the vital behaviors I am trying to encourage. These influences come from three sources: personal, social and structural, reflecting the influences of the individual self, communal interactions, and the environment/infrastructure. These are further divided into two domains, those of motivations and abilities. Organizing the influences into the matrix below allowed me to check if I covered all six sources of influence, which would allow me to influence the maximum number of people possible and ensure that my innovation plan will be implemented with the greatest impact.


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