October is Accessibility Awareness Month!

Accessibility Awareness Month is a month-long campaign observed in October dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of digital accessibility for people with disabilities. During Accessibility Awareness Month, organizations are encouraged to review their websites, apps, and other digital products to ensure that they are accessible to people with disabilities. This may involve implementing features such as alternative text for images, keyboard navigation, and screen reader compatibility.

The goal of Accessibility Awareness Month is to promote inclusion and ensure that everyone has equal access to information and services online. By raising awareness of the importance of digital accessibility, we can help create a more inclusive and accessible online environment for all users.

In my role as Senior Instructional Technologist at the Jones Graduate School of Business, I collaborated with our DEI office to send out a series of weekly digital accessibility tips to our faculty and staff in October 2022. The goal of these emails was to provide an introduction to the basics of digital accessibility and to point recipients towards additional resources available from Rice University's Digital Accessibility Coordinator. The four weekly emails are compiled below:

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